Our Environmental Police
Today’s consumers demand that companies should be environmentally aware. We at CCM care very much about the environment. ivermectin paste 1.87 % for small dogs In our work, we strive to reduce environmental impact and to get a better view, we have set a number of environmental goals:

  • Improve the efficiency and coordinate our shipments as far as possible
  • Continuously train our employees
  • Encourage our partners to actively work towards better environmental goals

Our quality policy
In our quality work, it is important that we can deliver to our customers fast and on time. Something we also prioritize is a high level of service for our customers, therefore we have made it possible to contact us at any time. merck statement ivermectin

We also have a functional website where all information should be available. All transports are performed with Euro 4-5 classified trucks, for minimal environmental impact.